Dog Transport

Travelling long distances can be very tiring, so we decided to make all our cages separate to ensure those who are not fully fledged travellers can find their own quiet space. Each cage has plenty of space and we have sizes for all

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Cat Transport

Pussy cats can often find travelling a little more stressful than dogs, so we have a dedicated top floor for our feline guests and cages big enough for 2 bowls, a litter tray and a nice bed.

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Comfort Breaks

To ensure our guest get the best treatment whilst on board we stop every 4 hours during daylight hours to let them stretch their legs and we get time to top up water and freshen bedding.

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Our Aim is Simple

Purrfect Pet Transport is although a new pet transport company has a team who for the past 11 years dedicated their life to the rescue and welfare of animals in Portugal.  Although the pet transport business is not part of the animal charity in Portugal it is running on the same ethos that will always ensure that the animal’s welfare and comfort are of the utter most importance.  Even for people long distance journeys are tiring, but for animals it is potentially a far more harrowing experience.  Therefore the experience the team at Purrfect Pet Transport wants to ensure your pet has the most trouble and stress free journey.

With the experience of the drivers who have worked with animals for many years, you can be satisfied that your pet is in safe hands. Our vehicle is type 2 approved by DEFRA /APHA and also EU type 2 approved, so we can continue to transport in both the UK and EU with all the correct paperwork. It has a rear compartment that is air conditioned with a fully calibrated climate control unit to ensure your pet’s journey is kept at a pleasant 22° throughout. We are fully insured with £5,000,000 public liability and £25,000 injury to animals cover.

Arrived Eurotunnel Calais Pet Reception

Next Steps…

To find out how we can transport your fur baby please contact us using the link or telephone *4407881870729