Our Approach

Purrfect Pet Transport has been transporting peoples pets for the past 2 1/2 years. Our team of drivers and staff have for the past 11 years dedicated their life to the rescue and welfare of animals in Portugal.  Although the pet transport business is not part of the animal charity in Portugal it is running on the same ethos that will always ensure that the animal’s welfare and comfort are of the utter most importance. 

Our Story

We started Purrfect Pet Transport in December 2018 and it came about due to the need to transport rescue dogs from our shelter in Portugal to the UK. We decided that to ensure our animals traveled in the best conditions it would be best to do it ourselves as then we could ensure that they got the best care on the journey. Obviously this same care is given to all animals that board the happy bus and we try to ensure that they all arrive happy and relaxed.

Meet the Team

Our team are the backbone and our reasons for doing what we do. It is their love and support that drives the wheels of Purrfect Pet



Mysha is the mother figure of the family and loves herself maybe a little to much.



Head of security and thinks his the boss


Chief hunter gatherer

Bob is the hunter of the family, but mainly it consist of stealing food from humans. you can never turn your back with food.

Next Steps…

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