Climate Controlled

We have complete climate controlled rear compartment with air conditioning and heating with a parking heater in case needed on those cold nights

Pet Business Insurance

We have full Pet business insurance with public liability, animal illness and injury cover

IBEX European Cover

We have complete breakdown cover whether in UK or Europe and we have a like for like replacement vehicle policy to ensure we can complete the journey if required.

Vehicle Tracker

To ensure you can follow your pet on board the Happy bus we have a on board tracker which you can access via the link. It is always nice to be able to see where we are on route, so then you can get a better estimation of when we will arrive.

To access tracker

Username Password tracker

Video monitoring

To ensure we can keep an eye on our passengers we have 4 video cameras installed in the back to allow us to keep a watchful eye on everybody whilst travelling

Animal Crate Sizes

We have a range of crate sizes on our bus and can cater for some large dogs if required. It is important that you look at the size of your dog and crate size required, as there are legal requirements to dog size and crate.

Length: While standing, the dog or cat should be measured from the tip of its nose to the base of the tail. Between 5cm and 12cm should then be added to this (from cats and small dogs to large dogs) to calculate the correct length of container.
Height: While standing, the dog or cat should be measured from the tips of the ears (for pointed eared dogs) or the top of the head (for floppy eared dogs) and then between 5cm and 12cm should be added to calculate the correct height of the container.
Width: While standing, the dog of cat should be measured at its widest point (usually the shoulders). The width of the container should be calculated at 2.5x the animal’s width.

Crate Sizes cmLengthWidthHeight

Next Steps…

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